Art helps to create the identity of all of us - the company is, what is its culture. We want to be faithful to the traditions of association and its activities contribute to the development of the cultural environment in our immediate vicinity and thus its cultivation internationally.


We believe that art is inherently accessible and open to all. Our intention is to honor the principle of public art and cultural institutions, but also all other actors of cultural and artistic events and the general public. No doubt also that the benefits of cultural property lies elsewhere than in economic indicators. To not have time to think and create, we reject trend total economization of culture and collective effort we want to reduce bureaucratic and economic pressure that is on us as individuals created. If we want to spread awareness about contemporary art, we must also take responsibility for better functioning of cultural and educational institutions and the media informed approach to art. The essential fact is also fundamentally change the social status of those who work in the field of contemporary art.




We build on mutual self-help within the artistic community and social solidarity. We believe that our problems we need to address and then promote their solutions in the public debate. We create custom tools to improve working and living conditions and creativity of those who work in the field of fine arts and in its immediate neighborhood.


It is governed by the following principles




Contemporary art is an important part of society. We believe that a company in the Czech Republic, the huge potential of contemporary art are not fully aware, and we want to change this situation.




If we want to defend the interests of the artistic community, it is necessary to create a community within which to bring together the personalities of different artistic views, orientation and age. The deed is therefore open to all people who believe in the benefits of collaborative work and community life.


3 Representation artistic communities


We want to contribute to addressing issues related to the artistic community and to promote public debate about their solutions. We want to build our position in the public space, creating the image of the league as an organization representing the interests of artistic communities. The ambition of the club is also active in the negotiations with the state and public administration.


4 GROWING art scene


We place emphasis on critical reflection on art and improving the institutional environment. We recognize the importance of arts education and we want to contribute to the improvement of his condition.


5 of interdisciplinary collaboration


Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-fertilization. Contemporary art, art theory and art criticism must be in live contact with other sectors and disciplines, such as philosophy, pedagogy, sociology, architecture, literature, music, dance, theater, but of course not only these - Contemporary art it links with all areas of human knowledge and activity.




Czech art is a part of world culture and therefore we have to be in contact with the international environment. As a society we want to communicate with similar organizations abroad, sharing experiences and information, learn from others.




We reject the economization of culture, reducing cultural values ​​on solely economic value. But well aware of the importance of economic conditions for creative work. Circuit of interest must therefore be the issue of the social status of artists, curators, critics, art critics and representatives of other nearby branches, financial and legal issues, or questions of copyright.




We honor the principles of mutual self-help within the artistic community and social solidarity. We want to create custom tools and develop means to improve working and living conditions in culture.


9 transparent operation


We want openness in cultural policy and the behavior of institutions, as well as in its own functioning - that is, to disclose documents related to the functioning of the association (meetings of shareholders, management, financing, operation Council elections).